14 Jan 2017, 13:23

Protect Your Property and Pets


Weʼve all had that one neighbor who despises everyone’s pets. Whether it’s an inquisitive cat who keeps slipping underneath the veranda or a barking dog, a horrible neighbor is really capable of doing horrible things to an animal they don’t enjoy. No, it’s not an urban myth, and you’re not overreacting. Malicious poisoning of other folks’ creatures is indeed common; the ASPCA has a website on the best way to prevent it.

Youʼve heard the saying that the burglar will steal whatever isn’t bolted to the ground. If among your neighbors has a drug issue or a criminal history, this can be pretty much accurate. If you find that individual was convicted of grand theft auto and check on http://backgroundrecords.org/ on the newest neighbor on the other side of the road, you’ll likely be more inclined to begin using that Club you purchased. If you’re going out of town, the final thing you need to do is request your neighbor that is covertly sketchy to water your plants! Realizing the folks in your block which you can and can’t trust could save you 1000s of dollars in theft or property damage.